Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa

Dear Christian Radio Ministers....Air your Christian program on Worship 101.7 FM for costs far FAR lower than in the United States.....and reach tens of thousands of Liberians daily or weekly!!!

Greetings in the Name of the Lord!

Do you wish to reach tens of thousands of Liberians every day? Worship 101.7 FM is a major Christian radio station in Monrovia, Liberia, and reaches tens of thousands of Liberians daily; most of whom have radios, but very few have televisions.

Worship 101.7 FM is the name of the radio station and our assigned frequency is 101.7 The radio station is located in Monrovia (the capital of Liberia) which has a popuation of more than 1.5 millons people.

Monrovia was named after the fifth president of the United States of America James Monroe. Worship 101.7 FM, is located in Africa`s oldest republic which had her independance July 26,1847. Liberia is also first Africa's nation to elected a woman president on the African continent.

Scenes from Monrovia, Liberia

We have a working paid staff of five persons and five volunteers. We run 7 days per week and comes on air from 6am to 9:30pm daily.

We're really not afraid of heights!

We also conduct a live Children's Program every Saturday morning.

The Cost To Air Your Christian Program

Do you have a preaching ministry? We can air your program every day, or once a week, for the following prices:

OPTION A: $75 (US dollars) for seven 30 minutes programs per month (you decide the time-slots).

OPTION B: $100 (US dollars) for seven 1-hour programs per month (you decide the time-slots).

OPTION C: For 30 minutes Monday through Friday: $12.50 per day.

OPTION D: For 60 minutes Monday through Friday: $15.00 per day.

OPTION E: For 30 minutes one time per week for a month: $45 per month.

OPTION F: For 60 minutes one time per week for a month: $50 per month.

OPTION G: You tell us what you want!

We operate from 6am until 9:30pm seven days per week: so you must choose a time-slot within those hours.

As you can see, this is far less expensive than the U.S. Christian radio market!

We are especially interested in any programs you have about Mormonism; since Mormonism is growing quite rapidly in Liberia (there are 5,000 Liberian Mormons and many missionaries), and we want information about Mormonism that the Mormon Church wishes to hide from Liberians. But, all Christian programs are accepted.

We can either "air" your program, or have a one hour interview with you that we will air "live" and repeat. The choice is yours.


We are not supported by commercials, but by those who wish to "buy time" to air their own programs, or be interviewed by Bishop Sleweon or another of our announcers. If you would like to be interviewed ON AIR LIVE, tell us your story, or talk about your ministry, or speak about Mormonism or the cults, we can do so for $50 for one hour with the interview repeated three times.

Payments are made via Western Union to:

Rev. Victor Sleweon, Worship 101.7 FM, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.

Western Union will ask for a "Test Question". The Test Question is: "Who is Jesus?" And the Test Answer is: "Savior". Write that down. You'll need that when you send funds. You'll also need to send us the 10-digit Money Tranfer Control Number which will be on your Western Union receipt.

Once you have sent the funds via Western Union, send an email to Bishop Sleweon with the 10-Digit Money Transfer Control Number to:


Remember we spell it "ISREAL" and not "Israel"!

Here are our contracts that you can send back to us (filled out and signed) as attachments.

Contract 1

Contract 2

Contract 3

Print out all three sheets, fill it out, and mail it back to us with your program CD.

You can send your program electronically, or you can send a CD to us via Federal Express.

We also do live on-air interviews.


Your programs must be sent to us via Federal Express as a CD to:

Paul Boko, Manager
Worship 101.7 FM,
P.O Box 6694,
1000 Monrovia, 10 Liberia

Federal Express is best, then UPS, but don't try the regular mail!

Please DO NOT send originals! Send copies only. We cannot mail them back to you.

You can also contact us via SKYPE:

Skype: pray4jerusalem9

You can contact us via email:



The station manager is Paul Boko.

Station CEO/President is Bishop Victor Sleweon.

Bishop Victor Sleweon

Phone numbers :

00231 6 133 784 (on-air live)

00231 36 75 86 (business number)

You can also contact via email or Skype (see above)

From the U.S. you can call:

011-231-36-75-86 (business number) or 011-231-6-133-784 (on-air number that puts you immediately on air live with no screener)

Worship 101.7 FM is the least-expensive way to get your information to as many Liberians as possible. Thank you and God bless.

Bishop Victor Sleweon
Worship 101.7
West Africa


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